Acrylic Base

Magness Creek Market

Acrylic Base

A rich, smooth, thick 100% acrylic paint base made with highest quality ingredients. VOC Free and Non-toxic.

There are no VOC’s in our paint, creating the safest paint you can buy. Dries to a velvety matte finish. Create your color of choice by adding a drop of Pigment to the base and mix on pallet. Make your own color pallet by mixing the various colors of pure no VOC Pigment in the ESF line. This state of the art toxic free odorless, easy to use paint base can be used for fine art, crafts, home décor, wood finishing, altered art, mixed media, scrapbooking, decorative painting, gourd art, and more

Directions for Use:

Pour a small amount of liquid onto pallet. Add color of choice from liquid Pigment or Powdered Pigment, adding just a small amount at a time. Apply with brush. Dries quickly. May paint over existing colors.

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