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Want that Antique Feel Without the Cost? 

 Our  Stain/Sealer does 2 jobs in one – stains and seals at the same time. The first coat provides a deep, rich color. If another coat is desired, simply apply with a brush or rag. There are 10 wood colors, Charcoal, Chestnut, Golden Oak, Fruitwood, Dark Teak, Walnut, Weathered Wood, Mahogany, Reclaimed Rustic and Whitewash.  Easy to apply. Environmentally friendly. Can easily be applied over existing stained wood. Fast drying and beautiful coloration.

The protection coat of our Varnish is what gives the vibrancy of color. It can be used on new and old wood. If the old wood is painted but clean, the Stain/Sealer can be brushed over the old. It can be used to tint white paint. The Stain/Sealer can also be applied to fabric.

Directions for Use:

One step seals and stains. Use foam brush, brush, sponge or cloth to apply to surface. Wipe off for lighter color or leave on for stronger color. Easy to apply. May apply 2nd coat if desired. May apply over existing stained surface. Water based and nontoxic, contains no VOC’s. Cleans up with soap and water.

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